Bones Of The Inner Ear Analysis

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What is a secret? Can a secret be two little girls, whispering and giggling in each other’s ear? Can it be a deep painful past within a family? Secrets are not to be told, but to be hidden, causing a cycle of pain and misery for the people involved. To become involved is to have a responsibility of living in fear. As Roberto Assagioli expresses, “Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.” The main theme in Bones of the Inner Ear by Kiana Davenport, deals with the continuous cycle of secrets and domestic violence. Ana the narrator tells us the story that encompasses the intertwining relationships of women, and the abuse found within their family. In the lives of two women and one little girl, abuse has affected their lives greatly. First, is Ava a woman who has had many partners and failed relationships with men. Next, is Kiki, Ava’s daughter,…show more content…
When Ava had her second child, Taxi, Kiki learned to fight back against her mother, “Touch him, I break your arm!”(81). “Kiki stood straight, so she and her mother were eye to eye. “Guarantee. I never again come near your little bastard” (81). That was the first time that Ana saw Kiki talk back to her mother. Kiki also was able to find a connection with dancing. There she immediately fell in love with Taxi’s father, Gum. The difference between Ava and Kiki’s relationships was that Kiki was not abused by her partner. Kiki didn’t want to be like Ava though. “I knew she was afraid she would inherit her mother’s temper” (82). Kiki shows that her relationships fail her also. Gum leaves her and moves to Seattle. After that happens she tries to hang herself. A burglar that was intending to steal actually saved her and they fell in love. He also left Kiki leaving her with a two year old daughter, Lily, because Kiki was having the same outbursts that Ava had and he didn’t know where they came

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