Kite Runner Qoute Analysis

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Excerpt Analysis "You're afraid that I might find the happiness that you never had" (27) This is a quote from the beginning part of the novel. Mariam says this to Nana, her mom, when she is leaving to the city to see her father Jalil. This is an important quote because Mariam was leaving and her mother told her she would die if Mariam left her. Mariam took it to be an empty threat, and ranted about how her mother never tried to be happy, and didn't want her to be happy either. It's a turning point for Mariam because she finally decides to leave, and go more than 100 yards away. She gets to see what's really out there. This quote marks a turning point in Mariam’s life as she wants to go visit her father and on the other hand faces a threat from her mother. She doesnt realize that her mother was serious about what she said, but it proves to be a decisive decision for Mariam. So to defend her going to the city she claims that her mother is jealous of her happiness and doesnt wants Mariam to have the happiness that Nana never experienced. And in return, Nana proves to be firm on her threat and so she kills herself by hanging by the tree. This leaves Mariam with a strong sense of guilt throughout her life. "One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls" (172) The quote comes from a 17th Century poem by Saib-e-Tabrizi which was a beautiful poem written in praise of Kabul. Laila quotes it when they are leaving Kabul to flee to Pakistan for their safety. Laila may not have understood the significance of his words at the time. Seeing how Kabul would see such difficult times it's hard to imagine anyone talking about it in such a positive light. Then, considering the nature of the obstacles Mariam and Laila faced, Laila may never forget the grim memories from her past. It comes as a
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