Spilled Salt by Barbara Neely, Summary & Essay

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Summary of the Short story “Spilled Salt” The America short story “Spilled Salt”, published in 1990, is about Myrna and her son Kenny. Kenny has just been released from prison, where he was in because he raped a girl four years ago. Myrna wasn't happy about when he arrives at home, because she doesn’t want him to stay at her house after the incident. She doesn't want to lose her dear memories of the boy he once was. She loves the boy he was four years ago and not the man who's standing in front of her. They nearly lost contact in those years, but Myrna wrote letters to him. She pretended being ill, so she didn’t have to visit him. She can't handle the situation. She's afraid of the neighbours' reaction if they find out that she has a son because she told them that she hasn't got any children. She can't take it to look into her son's face, so she leaves her home with a note for her son saying that Kenny should go away within a week. Essay “Spilled Salt” What would you do if a member of your family raped someone? This is a situation no one would wish for himself or herself. In the short story “Spilled Salt” the woman Myrna is in a situation like this. Her son Kenny did what is not to be name: He raped a girl. The protagonist Myrna is middle-age, which I can say because she has a grown-up son. When Kenny was six, she'd found the courage to leave her husband and raise her son alone because Kenny's father beat her. Myrna is the main character in the story because the reader follows her thoughts. Kenny is about 25 years old, perhaps a bit younger. He grew up with a violent father, which had a big influence on his life, and it is maybe one of reasons why he committed this awful thing. He seemed like a friendly and nice boy until he committed this crime. Myrna couldn't understand why her lovely son had done such a terrible thing. The story is told from Myrna's

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