Spilled Salt Story

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Spilled Salt: By Barbara Neely The short story “spilled salt”, by Barbara Neely is about a single mother, Myrna, who raised her son alone since he was six. The son, Kenny, convinced a crime. Because he raped a girl, he spent four years in prison and the story starts when he released from prison and came back home where his mother doesn’t want to live with him anymore. She doesn’t want to lose her sweet memories of the little and funny boy. She loves the boy who was four years ago and not the man who is now standing in front of her. His son tricked a girl into getting into his car where he raped her and now he is back to spill salt in her kitchen as he did after he ate his breakfast. Because she doesn’t want to look into his face, she pretends that she is sick then she goes to her room. There are many unanswered question in Myrna’s mind, and she couldn’t stay at her home anymore and be her mother so she leave with a note for Kenny that it means he should go away within a week. In my point of view Myrna made a good decision in this situation for two reasons, first it is a good punishment for Kenny as she dose’s want to be her mother any more. Also this leaving would be good for Myrna to find herself and get along with this condition. Although Kenny ashamed her mom, and although he wasted four years of best days of his life in jail, but he still is Myrna’s son even though she says “I just can’t be you mother right now”. Therefore, he must understand how he made his lovely mother angry and disappointed with his action. In my opinion this (Myrna’s leaving) would be a good punishment for Kenny to recognize how he lost her mother easily and how much his crime is serious for her. And I believe it would effect on his feature life. Because if Myrna didn’t leave the home, he never know how much she is upset and angry. After all he can think about his violent deeply and find

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