John Kelly Case Study

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John Kelly son grew up in a small town in Maryland; he has two younger brothers, a mother and his father who had very serious brain cancer. He was diagnosed with the cancer when John was only eight years old. He is now twelve years old and he is struggling in school and getting in trouble with fights. His mother is so busy taking care of his father and his younger brothers that she isn’t paying enough attention to John to know about his slacking grades and the trouble he is getting into. One day his teacher gives him a letter and tells him not to read it until he got home, John was worried because his teacher never told him to read a letter at home before because he does not like John because most of the fights that John gets in are in school. He went home and went straight up to his room, he opened the letter and it said that John has been expelled from his school and that he gets to finish out the week; he went downstairs to tell his mom but when he was downstairs he saw his father lying on the couch and vomiting profusely, right next to him was his…show more content…
He enlisted into the Marines and made it in because he was very fit and well disciplined. He then spent fifteen years in the marines, and never returned home, not even for Christmas or any other major holidays. In his last year of serving in the military it was during World War 2 and the war was very intense. He got shot in the leg when he was out in battle and he was severely injured because he got hit in the main artery that runs through people’s legs. Because he was so badly injured he almost had to get his leg amputated but he didn’t because he had an excellent docto the rest of his life he had to walk with a crutch under his right arm. After five years of being retired from the army he developed a tumor on his brain that was cancerous and extremely deadly, he died only two weeks after finding out that

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