Kathleen Manson Case

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On the twelfth day of November 1934, Kathleen Maddox, a 16 year old hooker, gave birth to an illegitimate son. The infant was born “no name Maddox”. Two years later, Kathleen filed a paternity suit against a man from Kentucky, who went by the name “Colonel Scott”. Kathleen won a total of five dollars per month to provide support for “Charles Milles Manson”. Before he died in 1954, without even acknowledging his son, Scott defaulted on the judgment. In 1939, Kathleen and her brother were sentenced to five years of imprisonment for the robbery of a West Virginia gas station; Charles went to live with a maternal aunt and a sadistic uncle. This uncle often spoke of him as a “sissy” and gave him girls’ school clothes to assist him in “acting like a man”. Charlie’s strictly religious aunt believed all pleasures were sinful. On the other hand, his alcoholic tramp for a mother let him go about as he wished, so this put him in between some very different disciplinary approaches. Once…show more content…
Unfortunately there was none available, so the court decided to have him put in Giobault School for Boys. Charles, twelve, remained for a brief period of time before running away to his mother, who would reject him. Thus, he ran away yet again, igniting a lifelong career of crime. He lived on the streets and made money by thievery. Charles was arrested in Indiana and escaped from a juvy center after just four days confinement, getting away in a stolen car. On his way to visit some Illinois relatives, the then 13 year old performed more robberies. Manson had been sent off to a reform school in Plainfield, Indiana, where he spent three years. At this location, he recollects violent abuse by older boys and guards. If we can find it possible to trust his memory, he claims at least one guard encouraged other boys to rape and torture Manson, while the officer masturbated on the
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