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The story of Andre Rand is a very sadistic, haunting, and heartbreaking story. From working at a mental institution to being locked away in prison, Andre Rand’s life has not been a very happy one. Known as the Hannibal Lector of Staten Island, Rand made himself infamous with the alleged kidnappings and murders of various little girls. But the thing that made Rand the most suspicious was that he was never caught in the act. There has been no physical proof that Rand murdered anyone, but his disturbing persona has all fingers pointed at him. Born Andre Rashan, the Hannibal Lector of Staten Island was around the mentally disabled since a youth. His mother was placed in a mental institution when he was a teenager and he would often visit her. Between 1966 and 1968, Rand worked at New York's Willowbrook State School as a physical therapy aide. His first brush with the law was on May 25, 1969, when he enticed a 9-year-old Bronx girl into his car and drove her to a vacant lot. He removed his clothes and hers, but a passing police car interrupted the crime. Charged with attempted rape, Rand pleaded guilty to sexual abuse and was sentenced to four years, although he only served 16 months. Back on the street, Rashan legally changed his name to "Rand," logging three more arrests by the end of the decade for "minor" offenses, including burglary. Along the way, his name was linked with disappearances of several children. One of those children was Holly Hughes. In July 1981, Rand was hauled in for questioning in the disappearance of seven-year-old Holly Hughes, from Port Richmond. But Rand was released for lack of evidence relating Rand to Hughes’ disappearance. 20 years later, Rand stood trial for the kidnapping of little Holly Anne Hughes. Prosecutors and detectives have reinterviewed witnesses from two decades ago and say they have pieced together key evidence

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