Jeffrey Dahmer: The All American Serial Killer

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Introduction: The All American Serial Killer When a young child has their world flipped upside down and ends up feeling abandoned and unwanted, what makes of this child in the future? You come up with a man who enjoys rape, torture and the dismembering of other human beings. The individual in question, happens to be a man who became one of America’s most notorious serial killer; Jeffrey Dahmer. On May 21st, 1960, Lionel and Joyce Dahmer gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jeffrey (truTV, A Happy Little Boy, 2008). Joyce had a difficult labor, but despite it all, the baby was born healthy. Lionel Dahmer was an analytical chemist (Wikipedia, June 2009. Jeffrey Dahmer: Early Life), and devoted a lot of his time into his research;…show more content…
He then found an apartment on Milwaukee's West side, closer to his job at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory. On September 26, 1988, one day after moving into his apartment, he was arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy in Milwaukee named Somsack Sinthasomphone. He was sentenced to five years probation and one year in a work release camp. He was required to register as a sex offender. Dahmer was paroled from the work release camp two months early, and he soon moved into a new apartment. Shortly thereafter, he began a string of murders that ended with his arrest in 1991 (Wikipedia, June 2009. Jeffrey Dahmer: Early Life). As early as 1989, when Jeff was facing sentencing for child molestation, Lionel felt that his "son would never be more than he seemed to be — a liar, an alcoholic, a thief, an exhibitionist, a molester of children. I could not imagine how he had become such a ruined soul... For the first time, I no longer believed that my efforts and resources alone would be enough to save my son. There was something missing in Jeff.... We call it a "conscience"... that had either died or had never been alive in the first place (truTV, Drunk and Deadly,

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