Ted Bundy: The Life Of A Serial Killer

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The Life of a Serial Killer Ted Bundy is best known for the murder of many young women. Bundy worked for a crisis hotline next to Ann Rule in the late 1960's. Together they would assist many anonymous, distraught victims who were sometimes suicidal. Ann was a crime writer who was forced to write many stories of the disappearing women from college dorms and campus. Throughout all of Rule's writings, she was unaware that the murderer was her close friend and partner, Ted Bundy. Most experts agree that Bundy deserved the death sentence for the cruel actions he carried out. Some might argue that Ted was a charming, young man who only wanted love with the girl of his dreams. All but a few articles about Ted Bundy describe his many accounts of…show more content…
Ted Bundy was first arrested in Utah but managed to escape as explained in the article, "The Case Of The Chi Omega Killer Accused Murder Ted Bundy Goes On Tiral In Miami," "he escaped by losing 35 lbs. and wriggling through a lighting panel in his maximum-security cell." Reports claim that Bundy got his hands on a saw and a lump sum of cash. Bundy spent weeks cutting through the ceiling and slowly deteriorating his body to be able to fit through the crawlspace. By the time officials realized Bundy was missing, he was already in Chicago. Bundy was an escaped criminal for many years before he was later stopped for a traffic violation in Florida and arrested again. At this time, Ted Bundy went on trial and was sentenced to death in 1978. On multiple accounts, Bundy was able to prolong his life with his cunning characteristics. Not long after his sentence, Bundy was electrocuted after confessing to thirty murders. During his execution, a crowd of about two hundred people gathered to cheer on his fate. Jon Norheimer writes, "He was pronounced dead at 7:16 A.M. after 2,000 volts of electricity surged though his body for one minute"
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