Ted Bundy: An American Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy was born. (November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989) He grew up believing that his mother was his older sister. Bundy biographers Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth wrote that Bundy found a copy of his birth certificate at home when he was in high school. True writer Ann Rule, who knew Bundy personally, believes it was around 1969, shortly after a traumatic breakup with his college girlfriend. As a teenager, Bundy would look through libraries for detective magazines and books on crime, focusing on sources that described sexual violence and featured pictures of dead bodies and violent sexuality. Before he left high school, Bundy was a compulsive thief and a shoplifter. To support his love of skiing, Bundy stole skis and equipment and forged ski-lift tickets. Ted bundy was an American serial killer active between 1974 and 1978. He escaped twice from county jails before his final apprehension in February 1978. Bundy was executed by electric chair for his last murder by the state of Florida in January 1989. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, he eventually confessed to over 30 murders, although the actual total of victims remains unknown. Estimates range from 26 to over 100, the…show more content…
Claiming to be "Officer Roseland" of the Murray Police Department, Bundy approached DaRonch at Fashion Place Mall, told her someone had tried to break into her car, and asked her to accompany him to the police station. She got into his car but refused his instruction to buckle her seat belt. They drove for a short time before Bundy suddenly pulled to the shoulder and attempted to handcuff DaRonch. During their struggle, Bundy fastened each handcuff to the same wrist. Bundy pulled out his crowbar, but DaRonch caught it in the air just before it struck her skull. She then managed to get the car door open and tumbled out onto the highway, escaping from her would-be

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