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Police Shootings In South Phoenix former police officer Carlos Ledesma, 34, was killed in August 2010. He was shot during an undercover drug deal, he went in alone and as he called for backup, the suspect which is un-named shot him twice in the chest and killed him instantly on the scene. He had been with the Chandler Police Department for nearly three and a half years before this incident. The suspect was sentenced to 35-50 years in prison. Ledesma left behind two children and a wonderful wife (EBSCOhost page 1, source 1). The statistics show that about 358 police officers were killed within the year of 2010, and 410 were killed in the year of 2009. More cops are killed than injured within a year, but this mainly appeared in the most in 2008. Thirty-five out of our fifty states have reported multiple deaths of officers within the past years. The number of killings has increased rapidly since 2005. In…show more content…
They have to do severely different obstacles, and any situations they may face during the job of being a policeman. They have to know how to do a proper search and arrest and booking process. They must know how to deal with a burglary in progress. Also they have to know combat training which is just certain exercises, and so many more situations. They must have at least six months to a year of training before any police force is allowed to hire him/her. Working as a team is how a police department is taught to train their men and women. Everybody must know one another, and they must be on good terms with each other. You don’t have to be friends with everybody on the force but you must at least know their names and can talk to them when you need some type of help. This is important because is one man/women calls for back-up, and somebody he/she isn’t friends with then they may not respond as quickly as they should and it could result in and injury or

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