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Lenient Gun Control Gun control laws in the US are lenient. Gun could be a safe protection or it could be a dangerous destroyer. For me, gun should refer to be a security to us. In our world, there are more than 190 countries; within 48 states citizens can have guns legally, and 43 of them can buy guns without any licenses or enrollments. In addition, we do have a grave problem which has been controverted for a long time that is gun control ordinance in the social life. Gun violence and accidents are increasing every year. In the United States, most of the states can buy guns legally, and some of the states’ purchase requires no license. Some states in the United States have a strict gun control law. One of them is District of Columbia.…show more content…
Even though there are some laws to control guns, but it still has lots of arguments about the gun control law. Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, which was one of the laws in the United States for gun control, it used to success in the past four years. In 2004, this law was limited to carry concealed weapons, and a 2006 estimate preempting any local gun rules. (Jost 907) However, in the recent years, the laws become loose because of too many ammunition smuggling. Such as Mexico, if the gun control is strict enough for it, it won’t available to spread out to others countries. Beside, according to Kenneth Jost, there are many different sounds from the society that talks about this issue for thirty years after the firearms law have set up. (1107) The upholders of gun controls denounce gun abuse and too many gun accidents and self-killed. They think the laws and licensing are loose. In 2006, third two states are required the background information checks for purchases firearm (Moorhouse 105). In October 1997, factories of gun in the U.S. accept to install a trigger locks on handguns. It also had a vote about training for all gun users in November, but it failed (Jost 1105). Although I am a supporter of gun control, I think the result of this vote was totally correct because it involved a huge number of the gun users in the United States, and who should pay the money for that training if the…show more content…
According to the article, Fire Away, in one year, there are 31,224 people die from gun violence, 12,632 people are murdered, 683 children and teens kill themselves and 17,352 people kill themselves (Grunwald 36). Total death about gun violence is 61208 which mean one person dies in every five thousand in the United States. In one day, 8 children and teens die from gun violence, 86 people die from gun violence, and 35 people are murdered (Grunwald 36). In an industry figures shows about gun homicides, there was about six thousand in 1966. Compare twenty-nine years late which was 1995, it was increased to be 15835 gun homicides which is about 86 percent ascent (Jost 1108). As you can see, all of the data that are about how many people have been dead by using guns and those numbers aren’t small. Obviously, it is the consequence of the gun control has not being strict

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