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Crime Data Comparison Brittany N Mann CJA/314 October 24, 2011 Ronald Alter When comparing crime data from one metropolitan to another, one would find that will there are many similarities, there are also many difference. The differences regarding why robberies are committed and how many robberies are committed each year in the different areas. Baltimore and Philadelphia are too large metropolitan cities that are located near the small city I live in. Although Baltimore had decreased over the last year, Philadelphia has increased in the number of Robberies occurring. They both have a high rate of robberies, but Philadelphia has a larger robbery rate than Baltimore. Baltimore and Philadelphia had recent drops in the citizens that are willing to report crimes. Philadelphia is located in the state of Pennsylvania, and the population is estimated 1,447,395. Philadelphia has 10,170 robberies in 2010 . Over the past year the rate of robberies has increased by more than 1,000. Philadelphia has a poverty rate of 25% percent, which is currently the highest percentage in the United States. Philadelphia developing] a large population and high poverty rate robbery higher than that of Baltimore. Baltimore having a population of 639,919 is a metropolitan area that is located in the state of Maryland. The city of Baltimore has had 3,336 robberies in 2010 . Baltimore has a total area of 5,833 who actually will report a robbery. While the crime rate dropping is a positive thing, the actual numbers of people who report the crimes have decreased that means that this decrease will allows more crimes to be committed without anyone being responsible for the acts (U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau

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