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A police officer is a person who puts their life in danger everyday as a duty to the citizen of their neighborhood. They should be respected, honored, and commended for their efforts in ensuring our security. Now, what actions should we as citizens take, if that very same person is the one invading and conflicting our safety? Police brutality has been a non going issue for many years, and as the very people they are sought out to shelter, it is time we make sure the job gets done. For a long time, silence has been the only option and today my essay today is going to be the voice for every victim. I will explicate why reinforcement in police training is necessary. We too as humans have the right to serve and be protected. An integral component…show more content…
Since then, police brutality has increased by nearly 50% in many states and convictions for the cases reported, has remained at the same rate of 18%. Johnson, K. The US Weekly. (December 12, 2007). Retrieved February 26, 2009 http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-12-17-copmisconduct_n.htm. The issues behind police brutality can be analyzed in several ways. First lets discuss various matters that contribute to the allegations. For many years, police officers all over the country have been negligent in taking responsibility for their actions. Many incidents have led to mortal injuries against innocent bystander and fatalities of wrongful deaths. Some of these cases show that the procedure of excessive force was implemented during the time of casualty. A police officer should only use excessive force if and when a suspect becomes restraint or under the mere circumstance that the police officer find themselves in an uncontrollable position, and their lives are placed in danger. Excessive force throughout the years, has extended from an initial perspective of exploitation of conduct and the misuse of privileges when obtaining a weapon. The founding fathers

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