Charles Ray Hatcher: An American Serial Killer

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Charles Ray Hatcher was an American serial killer who confessed to murdering 16 people during the years of 1969-1982. Born in Missouri; July, 16th 1929. Criminal conduct beginning in 1949, crimes become more severe over time. Criminal acts that started with Auto Theft later turned into murdering of innocent people in methods such as stabbing with knife or strangulation. Hatcher claimed to be the most notorious criminal in northwest Missouri since Jesse James. Hatcher tried to seek psychiatric treatment while in prison; however the prison denied the request thinking it was a scheme to get out of prison early. Hatcher was from a small town in Missouri that was the youngest of four children. An abusive alcoholic and ex-convict for a father he was bullied in school, which lead to Hatcher causing pain to his fellow classmates. “In the spring of 1935, he and his older brothers were flying a kite with copper wire they had found in an old Model T Ford. His oldest brother, Arthur Allen, was about to hand the kite to him when it hit a high-voltage power line and electrocuted him. Arthur was pronounced dead at the scene. Soon afterward, his father left home and divorced his mother. His mother remarried several times, and in 1945, Hatcher moved with his mother and her…show more content…
This idea is bolstered by the fact that the few serial killers who have committed suicide (usually by hanging) have done so while in police or prison custody: The list includes Harold Shipman, Fred West, and Charles Ray Hatcher. Recently, Israel Keyes, a serial killer wanted for the abduction and murder of Alaskan resident, Samantha Koenig, killed himself while in police custody; he slit his wrist and strangled himself with bedding while in the Anchorage Correctional

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