Timothy Evans Death Penalty Essay

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Argumentative Essay In the United Kingdom, Timothy Evans was tried and executed in 1950 for the murder of his baby daughter Geraldine. An official inquiry conducted 16 years later determined that it was Evans's fellow tenant, serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie, who was responsible for the murder. Evans was pardoned posthumously following this, in 1966. Derek Bentley was a mentally challenged young man who was executed in 1953, also in the United Kingdom. He was convicted of the murder of a police officer during an attempted robbery despite the fact that it was his accomplice who fired the gun, and Bentley was under arrest at the time of the shooting. This is two examples of how they justice system makes mistakes, mistakes…show more content…
2010 were thousands of people that were executed, many of them in courts that don’t meet the international standards, and often without a proper attorney. One of the most shameful things with death penalty is when someone is executed but the person in question is innocent. It has happened many times, for example Timothy Evans. Imagine how it would feel if your daughter was murdered and you were accused of it. Not only was he accused and convicted for the murder but after his death he was pardoned because the found the real murderer! This is one of the strongest arguments for the abolishing of death penalty because you can free a man in prison but a dead person has one use of it. There is also the very basic right that all living beings on this earth have the right to live. In some countries people are executed for minor crimes. And the worst thing I have ever heard is a child execution that took place in Somalia 2008. The reason, the 13 year old girl reported a gang-rape. Which lead to an arrest by the religious controlled administration and a death sentence by stoning. Things like this cannot be allowed therefore I would urge all readers to join the fight against capital

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