Bill Clinton Compare And Contrast

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Uncertain Lives: Clinton Clinton is different from the other children. He plays with mostly girls and enjoys what would be called the “girl” games. He is heavy-set, with a round face, and wears his black curly hair to the small of his back. He is very sensitive about his appearance and will throw a fit and cry if other children ask if he is a girl even though they mean no harm by the question. Clinton lives at home with his mother and his half brother. Neither him nor his brother has ever met their fathers because they are in federal prison. Both of the boys are biracial and Clinton’s mom feel that her having children out of marriage to two black men really alienated them from her family. Clinton’s mother is very involved in both of the boy’s lives. Her appearance might surprise someone meeting her for the first time, as she is a “rocker chick” with piercing’s and tattoos. She wears her hair in bright and interesting colors and is even known to spike it up. Clinton really enjoys the way his mother looks and shows her off to his class for show and tell. She is unemployed and on welfare and has been that way since Clinton was born. She helps the boys with their homework and keeps them interested in school. This is very important in Clinton’s life…show more content…
As a baby he was sickly so she “babied him, he got his way”. His mother talks about a time when Clinton wanted to stay up later and finish watching a movie. He screamed so loud and threw such a fit when she made him turn it off. Early the next morning that neighbor came over and said. “So, you didn’t let Clinton watch any extra television last night.” Despite this Clinton is his mothers life. She says she understand that she wasn’t right to baby him so much and that it is the reason for the way he is today. Even as some of his behavior concerns her she finds him to be a “sensitive, caring child she wouldn’t

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