Book Review, "A Child Called It"

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The book I read was “A Child Called It” By Dave Pelzer. This book was an autobiography of Dave himself. Dave writes about his struggles to stay alive in a home where he is treated like a slave, better yet where he is treated like basically an animal. When the book begins, the faculties at Dave’s school were reporting him and his condition to the authorities, finally... Then the book goes on to tell us how Dave used to live in a normal and happy family, where he had a loving family. Just like any other family he had a mother, a father, and two older brothers. But, after a while things turn horrid. Dave most certainly did not live in paradise anymore, far, far from it actually. While his father is making a living working as a firefighter his mother turns to alcohol, this is when she starts to treat Dave like the family pet that nobody loved. She forced him to sleep in the garage. When she and the family were eating dinner she would have him sit in a prisoner of war position, and watch everyone eat. Some days Dave had to go days without eating because, his mother wouldn’t allow him to do so. Then after everyone was through eating she would make Dave do all of the dinner dishes, and pick up everyone’s mess in a limited amount of time. If he completed his chores he would get to eat the families left overs. Dave would sometimes even sneak into the garbage and look for left overs and eat them because, he was so hungry. He would even beg for food on his way to school. After some time went by of Dave had being starved the teachers at his school started to notice him stealing food from other kids backpacks. His principal called his mother into school for a meeting about Dave’s behavior. Once Dave got home that day his mother forced him to drink ammonia from a spoon so, that would teach him a lesson. He knew he had to survive somehow so he went to his mother’s friend’s house

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