Karen Hesse's Phoenix Rising

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The book Phoenix Rising by Karen Hesse is one of the best books I have read in school. When I began reading it I did not understand the title, but as I read more I began to understand. Nyle is a young who cannot accept losses. Except when the accident in Cookshire took place she had to learn how to let go. Nyle’s Grandma allowed two evacuees, a mother and her very sick son, to settle in her house until the boy got better. The boy’s name was Ezra, and in the beginning Nyle was not happy with him staying at her house. She was sure he was going to die, so she swore she would not let herself get too close to him, she was to afraid she would lose him. Pity overcomes her and they become great friends. Towards the end of the novel Leukemia overcomes Ezra and Nyle is forced to live with the thought that Ezra might be dead.…show more content…
I thought I knew the entire ending, I thought Ezra would survive and they would fall in love. Except everything I predicted turned out to be the contrary. Karen Hesse ended the book with Leukemia spreading through Ezra’s body because he got into a fist fight. I thought nothing else would happen to Ezra after he fought radiation sickness, but plenty of things did happen to him. I don’t know truly if he died or not because Karen Hesse did not really explain that part, she just stated, “He never opened his eyes again”, so I am not sure if he died or not. Except my prediction was still incorrect, Ezra may be dead, and I predicted he would
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