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The Argumentative Essay "The Fast Food" Fast food is an easy way to get food very fast and ready to eat.However, people have negative things to say about fast food. Fast food is popular around the world. There is a explosion of business making fast food. In the United States fast food is too popular. In all the streets you can find restaurants of different countries and the most popular is Mc.Donald's. Fast food can affect: health and people. Fast food affectes us in many negative ways. Our health and people that are professional in medicine don't agree with this kind of food. When I say health, It means the overweight. For example people in United States eat fast food everyday and kids are more motivating to eat this kind of food. Being overweight is a big problem nowadays. It isn't healthy because people in many cases suffer with heart problems and respiratory problems. In the shools people eat fast food and you see many kids who are overweight. Forexample, in my High School I saw many boys with that problem and when they were in gym class all the time,they were tired and also with respiratory problems. In many cases some people can not consume more fat to their bodies and they often do it so those people in many cases are dead. We have time to improve it eating good food. However, you don't need to be smart to know that fast food is full of fat and calories. Anyways people that don't know it is time to stop it,aren't healthy. Fast food can affect people in many other negative things. When I say people I am refering more to the kids. Mothers often have trouble with their kids because they don't like health food. In some cases like Mc.Donald's, they use the TV to manipulate the kids to buy because they are going to get food and gifts. For example some kids eat fast food in the school, and after school they go to restaurant and buy a pizza or whatever of

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