Classroom Management Task 1

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Classroom Management: Task 1 In scenario two, the scenario I chose, Mr. Collet’s homework policy is a policy that I could easily use in my own classroom. In scenario two Mr. Collet uses positive social interaction in his classroom through his homework policy. At the beginning of the year he has students take home a copy of the policy. At home the students can talk to their parent’s about the homework policy. This promotes positive social interaction between students and parents. By opening up this communication at home students and parents can learn to communicate. Another great example of positive social interaction is when Mr. Collet has students develop the homework information on the board together. This helps student’s gain confidence with peers by being able to share their ideas on the subject. Children do many things when interacting with one another; some are appropriate, some are not. Children will hit each other, grab toys etc. Some children have a hard time interacting with each other because of disabilities. But children can learn to initiate positive interactions with classmates during large groups by solving a problem. (Bovey, Stain 2003). Mr. Collet did this in his classroom by letting children help develop the homework policy, with all the different learning abilities in his classroom. In the classroom that I will be teaching in, high school resource room juniors and seniors, the policy will work well. Especially at this age children need to let their parents know what they are doing at school. When they take the homework policy home, the parents have a good idea what would be expected of them concerning their homework. Also, the idea of having the children work on developing the homework information on the board makes them feel like they have a little control in the classroom. In scenario two, self-motivation is practiced in Mr. Collet’s

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