Beauty: When The Other Dancer Is The Self.

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Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self. In Alice Walker story, Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self: She started the story with a very smug outlook on life where she knows she’s beautiful and being the pride of her family and others simply admired her. “Take me Daddy, I’m the prettiest!”, a young walker said with assurance, as she uses her beauty to seek for her father’s approval. At six, she already memorized an Easter speech. When Alice was eight years old, she wore boyish clothes and played with her older brothers who carried not "real" guns. One day she was blown in her right eye by the little toy her brothers used to play. Walker was told not to tell anything about the gun to her parents. Only in week, her parents and Alice went to see a doctor. By that time she already had a glob of whitish scar tissue. She also remembered the words of her doctor, "If one is blind, the other will likely become blind too." Walker really has the ability to take control of the reader’s attention by introducing the conflicts in relation to her life before and after the accident. She uses the accident that happens during her childhood to prove that one’s mindset can be altered because of a profound experience and how her attitude completely transforms from a conceited and arrogant child into a newly reborn woman who sees a new kind of beauty within her life. The story emphasizes how low-self esteem can affect person's life and it is a story of Alice childhood devastation. I love the way the Author started by telling the audience of her incredible childhood before the accident. I will confidently say that walkers essay is a masterpiece, because she made the reader experience this magnificent essay in three stages, firstly she charmed the reader in the beginning by her sassiness and the careful observations on outward appearance as a young girl. Secondly, she

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