A Little Princess 1995

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A Little Princess (1995) Part 1 The film A Little Princess (ALP) is a children’s story that also highlights social issues of Britain in the World War I time period. A child, watching this film, would be intrigued by the animated mind of the main character (Sara) and her vivid imagination. Her constant neglect from the malicious headmistress (Miss Minchin) endorsed her sympathy gained from the audience. Even as Miss Minchin mistreated Sara, her character grew tougher and her imagination grew stronger. Sara would use her fantasy stories to fill the void whenever she missed her father or felt hopeless. An adult watching (ALP) the story remains unique and believable. The actions of the characters and the importance of their role in the film seem more intense. The breakout scene of the picture was when Sara told Miss Minchin her beliefs despite the consequences. The vocal opinions of the child shocked the headmistress which engages the audience to the edge of the seat. The viewer can assume that after Miss Minchin punishes Sara with all the chores, the child had nothing to loss. This led to Sara convey her beliefs to the headmistress by stating “Every girl is a princess. Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?” (ALP) is a film that truly absorbs the audience with the authentic characters and scenery that tells a story of its own. The director really did well with the music choice selection and camera angles recorded to enhance the innocence of the young girls and the darkness of the
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