Applied Behavioral Analysis: Bobby's Case

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Susana Rodriguez PS360: Applied Behavioral Analysis Unit 4 Project CASE STUDIES Professor Stacy Daniels 28 August 2012 Bobby's Case Bobby Kelly worries his dad as he behaves in a way that does not take into account the significance of looking after himself and his space. This makes Mr. Kelly think that this is problematical behavior and could be a sign of other possible issues. Therefore, wants help in escalating the logic of responsibility in the Bobby, by first looking after his room in terms of cleaning it frequently. This appears then to be a case of behavior modification. Identify the target behavior and describe that behavior in 1 or 2 sentences In this case Bobby’s behavior is the lack of following his parent’s…show more content…
Her parents have tried many different strategies, including rewarding her after cleaning, and giving her a time-out when she doesn't listen. Often what happens is that Emma gets angry when it is clean-up time and throws a tantrum. She yells and screams and sometimes even throws her toys, creating a bigger mess. Her parents feel that the only way to stop the tantrum is to pick her up and then clean up for her. Discuss the principles of operant conditioning that are underlying Emma's behavior. Operant conditioning is all about learned behavior. It comes into sight that punishment is not working, nor is it a reward. Emma does not seem to understand her parent’s rules and does not cooperate. Therefore, it is the parents who are familiar with what we believe, as extinction of behavior as their actions appear insignificant. Certainly in this case they need to discard the plan and find a new approach of making sure that the behavior is corrected. Additionally, it is important to understand the effects of the consequences of the punishment and reinforcement the parents have been undertaking. Describe how you could apply operant conditioning theory to create a behavior modification to address Emma's…show more content…
He parents must be firm and make sure that for each of her actions, all that is effective positive stimulus and desired environment for her is removed completely. She can yell and scream and scream at her parents all she wants but there will be no reaction until she learns that her own reactions will be of no consequence. For example consider her wanting a toy. Her parents should let her do as she does but the reaction should be impartial, there will no frustration, no anger. She will eventually tire out and go to bed. In the end the message is clear; her actions are of no significance so she might as well dispose of

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