African American Constraints

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KHALO ED AFRICAN ENCOUNTERS The relationship between the two characters is based on emotional dependence. Hally is heartbroken and angry with the type of relationship he has with his father. He dreads having his own father around with the fear of not experiencing the love he needs from him. He in turn uses Sam as filler for his father's absence. Hally's relationship with Sam would have impacted his life regardless of Apartheid laws and his relationship with his father. Hally doesn't get along well with his father, and the conflict between them is what opens the door for Sam to become his father figure; Sam encourages Hally to do well in school and to study and Hally responds. In the 1950’s injustices of the apartheid system of South Africa's…show more content…
The time him and Hally went to fly a kite. Hally remembers this day so vividly, it is as though it happened yesterday. That day brings to the both of them fulfilment and joy. This relationship was so open, that Hally was almost seen as one of Sam’s people as he would try and fit in; and so Sam who allowed Hally to be part of his life without any worries. Sam treated Hally more like a man rather than a teenager. Sam addressed Hally in a humble manner and he used a holistic approach. One afternoon at the Kitchen, on a rainy day, both Hally and Sam had no idea that it would change their lives forever. It was the kind that would make one sombre. The Hally threw away the friendship that had filled the void his father would not be able to fill. That afternoon tested their friendship, to see if it was strong enough. It changed their views about each other; it made them resentful towards each other if not at each other. It appeared that Hally sought to prove a point that he was superior than Sam. The moment he ordered Sam to refer to him as Master Harold, Sam replied to him by telling him about the consequences of his actions. Hally did not seem to care that much. He further discriminated against Sam making him be what he never thought he would become, violent. Sam expressed his anger by swearing and cursing Hally, he even thought about hitting him. But, he had a good friend close-by who was able to calm him down. That day was sombre for the two friends, the rain outside seemed to be pouring harder outside (I watched the movie on Channel 115 Mzansi, April 2012). He then shamed him spitting at him as he passed him down the

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