Antigone Literary Analysis Essay

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Andrew Kim Mrs. Elrod 10th Grade G/AC March 6, 2012 Literary Analysis Essay In the play, “Antigone,” Creon’s view of justice is morally wrong. He lets his pride and authority get in his way of his judgment. Creon was stubborn and did seek change until the death of his family. After his downfall, he finds the understanding of justice. Creon is sorry for what he was done, he repents, but it is already too late. He only finds true justice when everything he cared for was gone. Creon’s tragic flaw was that he was resolute; he did not want Polynieces to be buried. He received multiple warnings that this would lead to his downfall. He was put into the position of King. As good leader, you must have solid principals to fall back on in times of stress. He made sure his word was law. When Sentry came into the play, he said that someone had been buried Polynieces. Creon was outraged. He began to get aggravated at Sentry. He said, “Your voice distresses me.”(Scene 1-Line 49) Sentry told the king, “Are you sure that it is my voice, and not your conscience?”(Scene 1-Line 150-151) Creon wanted to “shoot the messenger.” Sentry was the…show more content…
”You should be able to yield for your own good.” This is what Teiresias told Creon. “That only crime is pride.”(Scene 5 pg. 850 Line 41/Line 36) Creon is again stubborn and denies that prophecy of Teiresias. Creon did not take the prophet word and said that his prophecy is false. That only does prophecies for money. Teiresias warns Creon that his defiance will lead to your downfall. He tells Creon that terrible punishment is awaiting him, Choragus advices Creon to free Antigone from her from her vault and build tomb for Polynieces. Creon listens and frees them. But it is already too late. Antigone had already killed herself along with Haimon. Creon’s mistakes lead to him to the true meaning of justice. It only at the cost of the ones he cared about
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