Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart Essay In the story “Things Fall Apart’, fear comes in many different formats . We are afraid of losing, afraid of not being good enough, especially in this society today. The emotion of fear runs deep in Okonkwo’s blood and it’s probably from his upbringing.Okonkwo struggles with many changes going on in his tribe.Okonkwo fears many things ,Okonkwo's main fear is the fear of being like his father, Unoka. I think this makes Okonkwo want to be as strong and successful as he can possibly be , letting the gods down is another one of his fears , and another one would be letting his tribe down. Okonkwo’s fear gets him involved in many things in his life , like his relationships with his family ,and they also affect his actions in life. Okonkwo's fears affect this two things , because he ends up killing someone that he got really close to ,Ikemefuna , Okonkwo’s fear also affects his son, Nwoye, as an adult also he begins to lead him far away from him , at the end Okonkwo end up killing himself because , he began to lose his place as a man in his culture , that is now filled with the Church and Christian values. Usually, fear happens in life because something traumatic happened in our past and this is obviously Okonkwo’s problem. From what we read, we don’t know much about Okonkwo’s mother, but we do know most about his father. In their village, having no title (as a male) means that you aren’t worthy or powerful. Understanding that Okonkwo was very afraid of failing, even more afraid of being like his father. Meaning having no power, or being worthy. The narrator tells us that Okonkwo, “...was ruled by one passion - to hate everything his father Unoka had loved. One of those things was gentleness and another was idleness.” (Achebe pg.13). This quote is clearly explaining why Okonkwo doesn’t like what his father was. He obviously hated everything
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