The Emperors Club And Compromising Ones Morals

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To Compromise, To Take A Risk To compromise ones morals and beliefs, is to putt aside your principals or rules of right conduct in order to accept and adapt to another’s. In many cases, the negative impacts dominate over the positives, which cause turmoil of events, sentiments and beliefs to unfold. Within the movie “The Emperors Club”, the characters experience firsthand the negative effects that would eventually impact their futures, opinions and views of people and or lifelong aspects. It is through the guidance, determination, and ignorance of others, that one can establish the overall cost and implementations associated with each compromise. There are many instances, in which the lives of people are affected by the decisions and actions taken on by others. The movie displays one of these approaches when Mr. Hundert exhibits academic dishonesty and removes a student from the Mr. Julius Caesar Competition based on what he’d thought was the better choice. Having a previous family member win the Competition, the pressure for Martin’s success was substantial. Therefore when he’d lost his position, many consequential events had resulted. Firstly, Mr. Hunderts decision to remove Martin in the standings causes Martins personal integrity to scar, leaving him in a state of self-loathing and shame. For the remainder of his life, the effects of his loss remained a token of his shame. Secondly, his loss had caused his future success to be in jeopardy, for, his self-esteem, sense of accomplishment; sense of self worth and disappointment from his father had caused a major roadblock in the decision making of his future potential. Thirdly, had the teacher not committed and immoral act, then the student that had been given Martins place in the standings would not have felt the pressure to cheat once, hence losing the competition and later on asking for a rematch. Both
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