John Crabbe Conflict Analysis

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Crabbe’s conflict with his parents is a major overreaction at the hands of Crabbe. Instead of communicating with his parents about the actions they commit that he does not like, Crabbe, remains isolated in his room with no means of communication with his parents except small talk at the dinner table and lectures by his parents. Crabbe’s lack in communications pushes Crabbe to run away as said in this quotation in the novel, “At the end we left the table. They went their way, I went mine. Their way was another party. Those three conversations – with Grant, Frazer, and my parents – were the omens that told me tonight was the night to go.” [Bell 29]. Crabbe’s stubbornness leaves Crabbe alone to deal with his hardships, as he turns down or shows…show more content…
What a son of a b****,” I said under my breath, “to bring them to this.” Tears streamed from my selfish eyes over my selfish face. I sobbed, my fists clenched in shame. I wept for the guilt I had caused them to feel.” [Bell 158]. Crabbe is misled by his own pride thinking his parents will not care if he runs away but clearly they cared a lot leaving Crabbe in a pile of guilt. The teachers that have Crabbe in their class rooms are tough on him because they are preparing him for his adult life which is much different than his adolescent life. Crabbe’s teachers may be strict upon him but they are giving him helpful advice so he does not mess up his life and regret it later on. For example, Crabbe’s gym teacher Grant catches Crabbe having alcohol on him; he has a little talk with him and turns him into the principal. Crabbe is disgusted by Grant’s actions but really Grant is just trying to help Crabbe with his problem. No teenager should be drinking alcohol; Grant does not want Crabbe to get addicted with the alcohol so he tries to put a stop at it. This is all summarized as a quotation in Crabbe, “Half way down the main hall he stopped and turned and said ““You’ve been drinking, haven’t you,

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