Sadness of Desire

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“Sadness of Desire” Richard Rodriguez: The Achievement of Desire As I read Richard Rodriguez’s The Achievement of Desire a feeling of sadness overwhelmed me. Typical of what Richard Hoggart terms “scholarship boys”, Rodriguez felt he could not admire his parents and still pursue his desire to be like his teachers; educated and successful. Rodriguez’s desire to be like his teachers caused him to abandon his family. The thought of a human being alienating themselves from a loving, supportive family in pursuit of achieving a personal desire makes me sad. As a “scholarship boy” he allows himself to be embarrassed of where he came from and that his parents were not as educated as his teachers. Rodriguez separates himself from his family and emerges himself in his academic pursuits. In doing this, Rodriguez was sad. Even though he was a successful student he felt a lack of confidence. My own view is that Rodriguez did love his parents, just did not know how to deal with the two different worlds of family and schooling. Maybe if Rodriguez’s parents or his teachers could have been better at communicating with him; helping him talk about his feelings, he could of avoided the struggles he dealt with and had the family connection he came to find missing. Throughout the essay it’s clear that Rodriguez’s parent’s tried to be supportive and 2 loving. Rodriguez himself stated that his mother and father always encouraged him, they were at every graduation.(pg.563) His parent’s did not interfere with his obsessive reading and studying. His mother made attempts to be involved with his interests by asking about what he was reading and what he gets out of it. Even asked for a book she might be able to read. Rodriguez could have tried to talk with his mother, maybe even read with her instead of turning away. I can relate to Rodriguez’s
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