Spring Awakening Character Analysis

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Spring Awakening Character Analysis Communication 5500G April 25, 2013 Wendla was very naïve. She was more of the baby of the group. She still likes to play dress up. Her mother was very overbearing and seemed to hinder her from actually finding herself, even though she was , indeed, very curious. She also experienced a lot of mental abuse from her mom, who seemed to cut her down more than anything. When it came to her relationship with Melchior, she just seemed to go with the flow. She kind of got sucked into doing things that she, possibly, may have not done if she would have had a closer, more open relationship with her mom. Wendla longs to feel loved and at one point, even confuses the physical abuse that one of her friends experiences at home as real love and begs Melchior to hit her. She was a very lost child that needed more attention on the home front. Her knee jerk decision to have sex with Melchior changed her life forever and, eventually, led to her demise. Once her mother found out about Wendla being pregnant, she made the decision to proceed with an abortion, which caused her daughter’s death. Once again, Wendla had no say in what happened in her life. Even the final decision of her life was made by someone else. Melchior was very intellectual. He had a vast amount of knowledge that he was not afraid to share with the other children, especially Moritz. He had a huge influence on all of them. The girls all loved him and the boys thought he was the coolest. He was a great communicator. He was always seeking the truth and everyone seemed to respect his opinion. He obviously grew up in a family that fostered conversation and valued communication, unlike Wendla. In the brief moments that his mother was shown, they had real conversations. Not only did she speak, but she also listened and valued what he had to say. After being sent away to another

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