What Makes a Good Leader

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Good Communication Skills it is observed that most of the world leaders had good oratory skills. They used to talk and communicate with passion and commitment. They always made their points clear, and gave the right message at the right time. In today's world too, strategic leadership with good communication and propaganda methods is necessary to spread one's thoughts across the target groups. Effective Human Resource Management As someone rightly said, good leaders don't just lead, they bring out the best in everybody else too. A good leader knows how to handle and use his human resource rightly. He must know who is good at what and which task should be allotted to whom. Recognizing the capacities and talents among other people and having complete understanding about masses are some of the important leadership qualities. Passion and Dedication it is amongst the most important leadership characteristics. A leader is always passionate about his goal or aim in life. A leader is always ready to sacrifice on certain things to achieve his goal. He always stands by for what he believes in and has the ability to steer public opinion. A leader sternly follows his ethics and principles in all odd situations and never gives up. Consistency and perfection are two main leadership traits. Honesty a person can learn and improve only when he accepts his shortcomings. A leader is well aware of his own strengths and limitations, and he constantly tries to improve and polish his skills. He is honest to himself and to his followers as well. This honesty builds up the confidence and openness, and makes him trust worthy. Vision A leader is a visionary, as he can foresee the results and consequences of his current actions and always aims high. Most leaders are known to have never resorted to shortcuts in life. They always have a blueprint of their plans ready in their
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