Vince Lombardi: a Study in Leadership Essay

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The ability to lead effectively is one of the most prestigious and highly desired traits throughout history. The success and accomplishments for groups of all sizes is often directly related to the efficiency of their leader. A leader is someone who not only can inspire and help a group to reach their common goals; but is willing to take on such action and responsibility in doing so. A true leader is able to separate oneself from the rest of the group to set the example. They demonstrate the very characteristics that are sought out to complete the tasks at hand, clearly identifying and living by these values. Important character traits for an effective leader include confidence, fearlessness, self-confidence, dedication, determination, vision and direction. Leaders are often found throughout the sports world; some of which are good leaders, and others not so good. When you think of great leaders in professional sports, one man’s name stands above the rest. One of the most prominent leaders of all time in the sports world is the great Vincent Thomas Lombardi. Vince Lombardi demonstrated the most crucial traits of an excellent leader. Vince Lombardi was a man of perseverance, integrity, and inspiration. Vince Lombardi’s perseverance was demonstrated throughout his involvement in the sport of football. His famous job of being the Green Bay Packer’s head coach did not come easy. It took 20 years of low salary coaching positions before Lombardi’s targeted occupation would be reached. Vince’s dream job was to be a head coach in the National Football League since beginning his career as the coach of St. Cecilla Catholic High School of New Jersey in 1939. It wasn’t until the year 1959 when Vince was offered the position of head coach for the Green Bay Packers. Over the 20-year period, Lombardi kept his determination and will to be involved in the most competitive

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