Big 5 Personality Inventory

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PSYC 305 Week 3 Assignment The following are my scores from the Big 5 Personality Inventory: Scale O: Openness to Experience; is adventurous, imaginative, and variety-loving. | 25 | Scale C: Conscientiousness; is well-organized, responsible, and reliable. | 32 | Scale E: Extroversion; is outgoing, sociable, and people-oriented. | 18 | Scale A: Agreeableness; is good-natured, considerate, and kind. | 30 | Scale N: Neuroticism; is anxious, emotional, and highly strung. | 26 | A quote from our textbook states: “Openness, conscientiousness, and extroversion, and low in neuroticism are more likely to emerge as leaders than their counterparts”. Upon first glance at the table above, and with the above quote in mind, I would say that I would need to work on increasing my score on scale E (extroversion), and lower my score on scale N (neuroticism), if I want to be a more effective leader. I scored the most on scale-C (conscientiousness). I believe this truly reflects my personality as I do consider myself well-organized, responsible, and reliable. In terms of leadership, I use these traits well to ensure my team gets the job done. Because I am well-organized, I have a good mindset of what to delegate and when. My team sees me as a responsible and reliable leader. I also scored high on scale-A (agreeableness). This reflects well on my leadership skills, as I am known to have a good relationship with team members. I tend to be understanding even if there is an issue with progress within the team. Within reason, I like to forgive and give second chances to team members who do not meet expectations the first time around. This is usually well received by people I interact with, in a team setting. In my team assignments for this course for example, I believe I am doing very well as a leader, as everything is running like clockwork for my team. I have set routines

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