Mommie Dearest Essay

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xxx xxx 4-18-12 Essay #6 A Victim of Fame and Fortune In the film Mommie Dearest Christina lives a life under the shadow of the success, fame and fortune of her mother Joan Crawford. Although privileged, this lifestyle is easily followed by many hardships often times unpredictable. Many times the hardships which Christina’s mom experiences were felt by her adopted children through their interactions in family life. Christina's mother Joan victimized her children, especially Christina through her emotional insanity as if she were taking out her stress on her. In the shadow of her mother’s fame and success, Christina grew up in an unpredictable family environment. She would have to act presentable in public and especially to guests so she wouldn’t ruin her mother’s reputation and image. She became a victim of fame and fortune itself except it was not by being spoiled, but instead she was a victim of her mother’s unpredictable levels of sanity. At first it seems as if Christina's mom would end up spoiling her new child Christina, but it eventually turns into her mom trying much too hard to teach her discipline, often times going a little bit too far. Fame and fortune does not always take its toll on children through spoiling them, but Christina’s story shows that it can definitely take a toll on a family. It can first of all affect the parents and after the parents, affect the children through what the parents experience and how they react to it. Christina became a victim of many incidents of her mom going “crazy”, she was sent off to boarding schools, she went through her mom’s alcoholism and even her multiple unsustainable relationships which no doubt changed her life. Christina was a victim of her mother’s status in society. Her fame and fortune automatically ascended Christina’s status and so more was expected of her, the daughter of Joan Crawford. When
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