Commentary On The Book 'White Oleander' By Janet Fitch

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"White Oleander," by Janet Fitch is a book that viciously grabs my mind and emotions and plays with both my intellectual and emotional comfort. It is a heartbreaking story of a young, twelve year old girl, who is taken away from her mother whom she is deeply attached to and placed in a series of abusive and harsh foster homes. This is because her mother is sent to a life-sentence in prison for first-degree murder of her boyfriend. Having grown up in a loving, caring household, I cannot imagine having to endure the suffering the main character, Astrid, did. Throughout her foster homes, she was forced into child labor, starved, and even shot at with a gun by one of her foster mothers. Also, she had lost the most precious blessing one could have in one's young life, the warmth and affection of a caring parent. She grew up missing such a vital factor that greatly influences and shapes a young teenager's life. The novel's gripping and tragic story has ironically changed the way I see the world to the better. Instead of seeing the ugliness life sometimes forces upon people, I have been revealed the beauty that exists when a truly caring family is present. My parents made certain that I know they would turn the world upside down for me if they had to. They always made sure I was…show more content…
Before I read the book, I could have been overdramatic and reacted theatrically to what now seems as silly happenings and consider myself to have a difficult life. Although I know my life is not perfect, I now regard my family and home life as the life I would chose to live over any other. The thankfulness this book has rooted in me has forever changed my life. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I know that I have a family who loves me and will support me through anything, regardless of what it is. I realize now that this is a blessing that others may

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