Critical Analysis of Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children

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Building the Bonds of Attachment Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children by Daniel Hughes I. Issue of Child Abuse a. Fictional case study of Katie that follows her from birth through eight yrs. b. Parents of Katie—Sally and Mike and their relationship c. Neglect of infant but Sally provides basic needs but not on a regular basis d. Age two—physical abuse of Katie starts with father hitting her and shoving her away and verbal abuse from both parents e. Age three to five—physical and verbal abuse from both parents, Katie is not getting her basic needs meet on a regular basis f. Age five—after a severe beating , neighbor calls police to report and Katie is placed into permanent state custody II. Summary of the book This book follows the neglect and abuse of Katie and is told in story format for parts of the book. Hughes gives a commentary at the end of each chapter on his thoughts of the issues of how each stage of abuse affects not only Katie’s development but also how it was affecting her mother Sally as well. After Katie is placed into foster care the story details the two different sides that Katie shows her foster parents. She goes from being a happy child when things go her way into an aggressive and mean child who wants to get even by destroying other peoples possessions. Katie’s caseworker struggles to find a foster home for her and to find the right therapist to help her with her lack of attachment to anyone. In her fourth foster home she is matched with a women who is able to help her and her caseworker found a therapist that connected to her and became a great support for the foster mother as well. III. What I learned The biggest concept that I learned was how truly crucial it is to have early intervention for families; and for some families having that intervention before the birth or even

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