A Mothers Struggle In Raising Her Daughter

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A mothers struggle in raising her daughter Tillie Olsen is known for her works of fiction about working-class Americans. Her story “I Stand Here Ironing” is about a young mother’s struggle during the depression, pre-WPA. The conflict in the story is indeed that the mother feels guilt from the way she has done things with Emily. The mother is constantly referring to the bad decisions that she has made concerning Emily throughout her childhood. The story is narrated by Emily’s unnamed mother. Think about the struggles we face in present times with raising a family and working to support them. We all want the best for our children, but we may not make the best decisions concerning them. As Emily’s mother is ironing she receives a phone call from someone at Emily’s school. “I stand here ironing and what you asked me moves tormented back and forth with the iron” (180). The mother is being asked to come and talk with her concerning Emily. “She’s a youngster who needs help and whom I’m deeply interested in helping” (180). Emily’s father leaves before Emily is one, leaving the mother to support them alone. Emily’s mother was only nineteen at this time. She has the struggle of deciding to stay home with her child or to work during this depression. This decision causes the mother to always feel a sense of regret. She hopes her daughter can feel beautiful on the inside despite what she sees on the outside. The mother reflects back to when Emily was a baby. She tells how society felt it was important to nurse. She has nursed all the children, but with Emily it seemed to be harder due to being the first child and lack of knowledge as to what she was doing. The mother tells how Emily is a beautiful baby and loves motion, light, color, music and textures. To her mother Emily was the only baby out of five that was beautiful from birth. The

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