Building The Bonds Of Attachment

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To attach as defined by Webster's Dictionary; is to bind by personal ties: to adhere, pertain to, or belong. To connect, make apart of. Building The Bonds of Attachment by Daniel A.Hughes dealt with the absence of attachment in one little girl and her journey to beginning to heal and all those who helped her in this process. The subtitle: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children, is really the goal and theme of this story. How do you open a child's heart once it is closed by neglect and can it happen? To connect, to belong, to bind by personal ties. Or as Daniel Hughes defines attachment: To Awaken Love. Chapter 2 of Building the Bonds of Attachment is titled, The Abuse and Neglect of Katie. A family is the place where a child can have safety, be taught trust, develop a understanding of love and work through pain and hurt. Katie was born to Sally a young mother of nineteen who did not have a safe family where she was taught love, trust or given a place to belong. The parent-child relationship forms the first attachment and without that the child cannot find out who they are and where they belong. Sally did not know who she was or where she belonged. In the beginning having a baby brought joy to her life and Sally wanted to provide for and love Katie. Katie told herself she would do a better job than her mother did. Her own mom either yelled at her or ignored her,(page 13). David Hughes writing of the Abuse and Neglect of Katie gives so much insight into all the issues that set up the early years of Katie. A Mother who was neglected, young and depressed dealing with a new baby with little support, in a bad marriage. In this chapter the specific accounts of physical abuse are described and how the anger and neglect occurred to the final removal of Katie from her home. As a reader the strongest emotions and understanding of neglect came from the way David Hughes gave voice
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