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A Child Called “It” In Dave Pelzer’s memoir of A Child Called “It,” he expresses the worldwide problem of child abuse. Published in 1993, A Child Called “It” is still affecting people decades later. The title of the novel says it all. The mother doesn’t see Dave as a son, nor a boy but as an “it.” Pelzer writes this horrific novel to mention what people shouldn’t have to go through. He experiences an abusive mother his whole life that he deals with in a very proficient way. It is a novel that you cannot put down, and a novel that you can easily read in one night’s time. Being that the novel has spent consecutive years on New York Times bestseller list and has sold millions of copies, it is definitely a book worth buying. A Child Called “It” covers the early years of Pelzer’s life and is an affecting and inspiration memoir of one child's determination to survive.…show more content…
She no longer considers him a son, but a slave; no longer a boy, but an “it.” His bed is an old army cot in the basement, his clothes are torn and smelly, and when he is allowed the luxury of food it is scraps from the dogs' bowl. He spends days upon days consulting ideas or plans in order to get food. It ranges from stealing from the grocery story to stealing students’ lunches at school. He does whatever he can to get it. The outside world knew nothing of the nightmare playing out behind closed doors, until years of lying to school administrators finally became unbelievable, and the outside world finally took action. Dave has dreams of finding a family to love him and call him their son. It takes years of struggle, deprivation and despair to find his dreams and make something of

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