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Aileen Wuornos without a doubt is one of the most interesting, animated, and sickly entertaining serial killers of modern times. Wuornos also happens to be one if not the first female serial killer sent to death row and executed. She was held responsible for the murder of 8 men found in central Florida around I-75. Aileen was known as a street walker, a hitchhiking hooker, but yet had a romantic relationship with a Tyra. Serial killers usually have a traumatic childhood, so it must be apparent that something went tremendously wrong with Aileen as a child that led her to be a psychotic serial killer. One of the main reasons that Aileen Wuornos became a serial killer was due to her upbringing. Her mother abandoned her very early in her childhood and her father was a convicted pedophile who eventually committed suicide in prison. One could only assume that she was adopted by close family members or a foster child. Another disturbing revelation about her childhood was that Aileen had sexual relations at a young age, but with her brother Keith. One man who testified in court admitted that he lost his virginity to her, but right after he brother Keith was done having sex with Aileen. This disturbing issue revealed that there was a high probability that Aileen was molested by her closest relatives, and was psychologically reduced to a whore at a very young age. The social trait theory proves that her environment was not only unsupportive but also very dangerous at her once tender age. She was rejected, exposed, and abused to the point where it was a norm. One of her ex boyfriends openly admitted that he rejected her and called her names in public. It must have been humiliating when even your significant other is ashamed to be close to you, even after your family casts you away. These types of episodes can surely have a psychological effect on anyone, including Aileen.

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