All About Eve

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All About Eve When All About Eve initiates, a man expresses about the Sarah Sidons Award. This award is won by Eve, the girl- next- door that has the world fascinated with her. When Eve finally accepts the award at the ceremony, it symbolizes all she has ever sought after. Eve has worked hard to manipulate people and circumstances so that she could be known as one of the greatest actresses in the theater. Eve instigated her strategy by studying the very popular actress on stage at the time named Margo Channing. Margo is alienated by Eve’s manipulation. Alienation is sense of estrangement from God and reason”. This is powerful enough to “produce a condition of anxious withdrawal. By getting to know Margo's friend Karen, Eve makes her way into Margo's life and world with further manipulation which causes Margo to further withdraw from her friends and eventually herself. Eve helps Margo and does everything she asks, while at the same time learning Margo's way of doing things and subtly making her life more difficult. Birdie is the only one who doesn’t fall for Eve’s tricks from the beginning. There was a moment in the film when Margo asks Birdie why she doesn't like Eve. Birdie tells Margo that Eve seems to be studying Margo, as though she was a set of blueprints. The award that Eve wins symbolizes Phoebe's effort to become famous in a comparable way. At the end of the film Phoebe dressed in Eve's coat and holding the award in front of the mirror Mirrors are noticed throughout the film. Margo she is admiring herself in a mirror and grooming herself the day. After Eve starts to manipulate Margo's life, her faces is seen again in the mirror. In the films end Phoebe takes a bow in Eve's mirror while she holds Eve's award and wears Eve's

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