Abigail Williams The Crucible Analysis

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How does Miller create dislike for Abigail in ‘’The Crucible’’? Abigail Williams is a very demanding and arrogant seventeen year old girl who does not fit into the freedom deprived Puritan society in which the play is set. Abigail’s idea of fun is to cause havoc and mayhem and gets pleasure in seeing others suffer. An obvious example being the trouble she causes between the Proctors, by trying to make John Proctor turn against his wife Elizabeth Proctor, since she had an affair with him. Throughout the play, Miller portrays her as someone who will go to extreme measures to get her own way. From her speech to stage directions it is clear that Abigail is someone who is very confident and relies on the world to revolve around her. She has not however had a very easy life. She saw the murder of her parents and has to live with her greedy uncle, which some would argue could be the reason…show more content…
This conveys to the audience how disrespectful and dishonourable Abigail is by threatening a court member -who is much respected in the community and has power over Abigail- with a lie, at the age of seventeen, when there are people’s lives on the line and when she has been the one doing wrong doing throughout the whole play. However she still has the nerve to get up in front of a court and continue to threaten and manipulate people into doing what she wants for her benefit. This makes the audience feel infuriated with Abigail for even after all she has done, all the lives that have been lost because of her, she still sees fit to threaten and manipulate. It also however makes the audience feel quite amused, that she is so childish that she has to resort to such empty threats to get her way. Miller uses this stage direction to highlight how blatant Abigail is and how she will do anything to protect herself and get her own

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