Power Can Corrupt

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Power can Corrupt
Many people in this world are ruthless and corrupt but unfortunately, time catches up with them and they reach a steep downfall. When Lady Macbeth makes her first appearance in the play, she is reading Macbeth’s letter. She is already planning to do whatever it takes to have power. As the play moves on Lady Macbeth begins to become vulnerable. She begins to lose sleep and feel guilty for her crimes. She sleepwalks and begins to talk in her sleep. In the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is very corrupt and ruthless especially when she influences Macbeth to murder; however, by the end of the play, Lady Macbeth’s guilty conscience and lack of sleep causes her corrupted mind to become vulnerable.
Lady Macbeth is a very corrupt and ruthless woman and one can recognize that she shows that she has higher power than Macbeth himself in the beginning of Macbeth. In the critical essay, Be Bloody, bold and resolute: Tragic Action and Sexual Stereotyping in Macbeth, Carolyn Asp states “Lady Macbeth consciously attempts to reject her feminine sensibility and adopt a male mentality because she perceives that her society equates feminine qualities with weakness” (Be Bloody 2). This stereotype is very popular nowadays as well. Many women are stereotyped as being weaker than men. Lady Macbeth proves this stereotype as the opposite the first time she is introduced in the play. As she reads Macbeth’s letter he has sent her, her mind is already planning ways of gaining more power to become queen. At one point during the letter Lady Macbeth states, “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here…make thick my blood…take my milk for gall…” (I.v.42-52). Lady Macbeth actually states that she wishes to become a man. She wishes for spirits to “unsex” her and to turn her breast milk into poison. As she reads on in the letter, her mind begins

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