Fighting for Self Recognition

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Solomon Ghebremicheal EGL 1010 Evaluation Argument 20 March 2013 Fighting for Self-Recognition and Respect in A Bias World of poverty. In “Shame” Young Dick Gregory explains his experience within the world of extreme bias and UN rooted cause of poverty as sign of shame on the face of public world. His fight for self-recognition was beginning at his early age namely at the age of about to become seven. He was very young to face all these problems that seem to be UN fortunate to him. Young Dick Gregory was the most dynamic person, his beauty was within all these such hard problems, he was in love a little girl named “Helen Tucker” a light complexioned with pigtails and nice manners(260).She was always clean and smart in school, as young Dick Gregory states :( that he was going to school not to learn but to look after her (260).Helen Tucker was not only in internal heart of young Dick Gregory ,she was also very famous respectful by his own sisters and brothers ,whenever she walk down on the street young Dick Gregory’s brothers and sister will start to yell” here comes Helen” (261). The most incredible thing about young Dick Gregory was his creativity to defeat his poverty using his own means without looking anybody 's help, Sometimes he was using lady's hand kerchief to wipe his nose in order to avoid negative image from his class mate "Helen Tucker” all his movement was to impress his young prince "Helen Tucker" was the symbol of "everything you want" he said he loved her for her goodness (261). Young Dick Gregory also showed that the power of love, when you love some body conventionally from the way her look to her disciplinary manner, you will do everything as maximum as possible to impress and attract that person. Once at time Young Dick Gregory
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