Alice Walker Essay

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The Inner Beauty That One Does Not Always See Do many people believe the statement “Beauty’s Only Skin Deep” immediately or over a period a time? Some people probably believe it immediately while others have to endure challenges to make them believe the statement. At first, Alice Walker falls into the group of people who place more importance in outward beauty, but as she matures, she learns to trust her inner beauty rather than her physical beauty. Alice Walker as a child has great confidence in her beauty and abilities during her first stage of her life. At the second stage of her life, Walker is full of shame but gains academic and social success by interacting with her peers and teachers after a corrective surgery to her injured eye. In the third stage of her life, Walker, with the help of her daughter, realizes that she can succeed at whatever she wants. As Walker progresses through each stage of her life, she realizes that beauty should not be the main factor of her life. Through the first stage of recalling her life, Alice Walker shows readers the youthful innocence people usually have as children. As a child, Walker believes that she can get whatever she wants or make people like her only by being a beautiful little girl. She shows that she is confident about this idea at the age of two and a half when she wants to go to the fair with her father and tells him "Take me daddy, I'm the prettiest” (Alice Walker, 150) while she parades around wearing a beautiful dress. As children, people often imitate the things they see, but they are not taken seriously, and many adults see these behaviors as being “child’s play”. Walker is imitating behaviors she has viewed from older women in her community and actresses in movies that she watched. The behavior that Walker showcases during the first stage of innocence is similar to the behaviors the character
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