Good Country People

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GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE In the story “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor, the main character Joy Hopewell goes through life changing moments. Joy has a rough life in her childhood and it continues to get worse as she grows older. She changes her name to Hulga after her accident to match her ugliness. She also has trouble figuring out where she stands with her religious views. Throughout the story she changes and comes more in touch with the real world and has an epiphany about how people truly are. As a child, Joy was involved in an accident where her leg was shot off and it was replace with a fake wooden leg. This sparks the beginning of her change to becoming a more negative person. She thinks that she is an ugly person so she wears ugly clothes, makes ugly faces, makes rude remarks, and just tries to be as ugly of a person as possible. As a consequence of doing all of these things, her negativity increases and makes her think less of herself more and more. As she starts to think less of herself she becomes more vulnerable to people outside of her life. Hulga has many conflicts going on in her life, Manly Pointer, “The Bible Salesman” comes into her life and she decides that she is smarter than him so she will use her greater education to gain control and seduce him. But he sees that she is vulnerable and thinks that he can take advantage of her and takes her up to the barn and seduces her and has her take her glasses off and her leg off, after he accomplishes this he takes them, puts them in his box and leaves her. This makes her realize that not everyone is a, “good country person” like she thinks that everyone is. Another conflict she encounters, is her conflict with religion. She is grew up following her mothers religion until she was old enough to realize what she really believed in, she gets stuck when trying to find which religion she

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