Modern Family Vs Leave It To Beaver

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Modern Family vs. Leave it to Beaver From the very beginning of television, and throughout the years, we have come across many T.V shows; some were talk shows, sitcoms, or shows that focused on the everyday family. All these shows with problems they faced within that era, for example a show in the 1970s probably focused on the war, race and women’s rights. But what’s the difference between shows then and now? Well now in 2014 we have shown such as, Bad Girls Club a show about eight women in a house for 3 months, who are constantly fighting with each other. Going out and drinking every night and sleeping with men they meet at the clubs. The women on this particular show seem to have little to no respect for themselves or others around them.…show more content…
In Leave It to Beaver to find the “ideal” family like June and Wards, a family with two parents. They show you another family called the Mondello, a family with two parents but, it always seems like the Mr. is out of town, making it seem like a single parent home. Many tines does Ms. Mondello ask the Cleavers for help parenting her son on her own. It made it seem like single parent homes always had problems and that they child was always on trouble. Back in the 1950s single parents home were considered taboo, you rarely ever saw it, that and interracial couples were never shown on Leave It to Beaver, nor were those who were part of the lgbt community. Fast forward to 2004 and you have a whole new set of parents, they show two other families consisting of an interracial couple and a still controversial gay male couple. Jay an older man who is divorced finds love again with a younger hot Latina named Gloria, who has a son. It shows that biracial couples aren’t frowned upon, and that it has become a reoccurring thing in the world today. The shows last couple really does a good job at showing how it is still sort of taboo to see a gay couple, who adopt a daughter. Modern Family shows what a person of the lgbt community must do and go through just to be married and have a family. In one episode it becomes legal for gays to marry in California, and they are so happy and joyful. So they go stand in…show more content…
He kind of symbolizes were the family is economically and that they might be better off than some families. Although June Cleaver is rarely ever out, she is always seen on some sort of dress or skirt ironed to perfection. Form the moment we see her on camera she has her hair done, face on and is ready to serve up a wholesome breakfast, something rarely seen in Modern Family. In a certain Christmas episode we see that Ward has taken to a calmer outfit, and the two boys are in bathrobes. June is seen in a tight dress with a nicely done hair. While the traditional mom in Modern Family is seen wearing loose fitting clothes that don’t show off the assets, and jeans that look like they are 10 years old. She’s not usually seen with any kind of makeup on or nice clothing when she is home. Gloria the young Latina is more like June Cleaver, she is always seen wearing heels even at home and dresses that accentuate every part of her body and in the show she always has her hair done and makeup on. In another example, the family of Cam and Mitchell, the clothing clearly shows you who the more feminine one is when Cam is always seen wearing crazy colors and patterns. While his partner an environmental lawyer is seen in more sophisticated clothing to show he may be the more masculine

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