One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Sociology

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Video paper One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Sociology of Deviant Behavior Inst. R. Peters 4/20/2011 This movie was about the inmate Randle McMurphy’s feigning insanity to finish his prison sentence in the mental ward rather than the work camp. Randle McMurphy McMurphy showed signs of the Marxism’s conflict theory, focusing on the struggles between the classes (nurses and patients).McMurphy had violated the norms of the society when he was charged with statutory rape and sanctions were imposed sending him to prison. McMurphy creates a society amongst the patients at the mental institution which largely impacts the structure of the institution. His relationships with the other patients develop their thoughts and this interferes with the flow of the institution’s rules and regulations, which are the social control norms of the institution. McMurphy brings forth the spirit of freedom into the lives of the other patients. Chief Bromden Chief Bromden shows an adaptation to strain. He shows retreatism by abandoning goals and withdrawing from society and from life. His behavior affects the other patients because they think he is deaf and mute, because he never speaks or does anything.…show more content…
Billy’s social control agent starts out to be his mother. Billy dreads what his dominating mother thinks of him. Billy’s mother also broke off the engagement to Billy’s fiancée because she thought that the girl was beneath him. This returned the social control of Billy back to his mother. When Billy has sex with a girl, Candy, at the ward, Nurse Ratched confronts Billy. Billy speaks without stuttering. A showing of confidence on his part. Then Nurse Ratched through the power of suggestion says she would have to tell Billy’s mother about this, which in turn causes Billy to commit suicide from the shame of his mother knowing and of turning McMurphy in as the one who caused the meeting of Billy and

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