Creative Writing: Compassionate In Mississippi

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Mississippi I never thought of myself as compassionate. In fact when I was little I don’t even think I knew what that meant. The dictionary definition of compassionate is “one who has deep sympathy.” Even when I was younger, I would worry about animals that had to stay outside in the winter, and I was always the little girl who would befriend the friendless. However, participating in a mission trip for hurricane Katrina really opened my eyes to how much compassion I really had. Before, helping others was just something I did like an instinct. Now, it is who I am. When I was 12, I went on a mission trip to Mississippi. It was directly following Hurricane Katrina that left cities looking like ghost towns. I vividly remember houses in jumbled…show more content…
Many people, young and old, had to deal with heartbreak. No one was immune to the loss of life or possessions. I got to meet many of the kids impacted by the hurricane at the Vacation Bible School our church had arranged. It was tragic for me to see all of those children, so young and innocent, having to deal with an event so horrifying. Many of them tattered and broken like their homes and families. I vividly remember a little girl, no older than 5, telling me that she, “couldn’t go swimming in the ocean anymore because she had seen a dead body the last time they went.” Along with that, I remember a little 3 year old boy, who’s dad was in jail, and the single mother had to try and support three kids, not knowing where they’d be living that night or when their next meal would be. I could not piece these kids or their families back together like a jigsaw puzzle; although, I wish I could’ve. I did, however, try my best to make their days a little better. They sat in my lap and held my hands as we sang songs. I tried to help them at least pick up the pieces and lay them out, even if their lives could not be built back up like their houses, in hopes that one day they would be able to piece it all back together into a whole. I could see that I had made a difference, even if it was small. From that day forward, I was set on helping others whenever I

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